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Damn Cheetah’s Primal is the kind of CD that does everything right. Do you like ballads? There are three of them here. Melodic rockers with sing-along choruses? Chock-a-block full of ‘em. Heavy songs with fast guitar solos and plenty of screams? No problem …All in all, the band is tight musically, the vocalist is skilled, and the songwriting is sound. The only reason a band like this isn’t huge today is because people have horrible taste in music today. Definitely check out Damn Cheetah’s Primal.

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High octane US melodic hard rock somewhere between the finest moments of Kix, Britny Fox and McQueen Street featuring  ex. N.R.G. singer Les Brown - truly a first class release!

Review by

Damn Cheetah is a release that has been talked about for sometime now. And now that it is here it was well worth the wait! Fronted by vocalist Les Brown, who had a hit song on The Transformers Movie soundtrack back in the mid 80's with his then band NRG. But that was then and this is now. Les is a different singer and the song on that soundtrack is a different style that is represented here with this collection of songs on "Primal".

The band is described as a 'melodic yet bluesy-based rock' band. Damn Cheetah is a band that could easily been on the same bill as CINDERELLA & BRINTY FOX. Les's vocals are hard and edgy and the type of voice you come across only now and then. He can scream like the gods and hold a note without a crackle in it. 'Gritty' is a good way to describe the vocal style of "Primal".

Carl's guitar style reminds me a lot of Mark Kendall of GREAT WHITE. He plays an amazing rock blues lead and rhythm on the album. Not over the top and in your face, which is good, because there are lots of little guitar parts that could easily be missed if the mix was louder. These little guitar parts you hear at times puts it stamp on "Primal", which sets it aside from other albums. It makes it, it's own entity. With the back beats and rhythm by Anthony and Dante keep each track flowing one from the next.

The songs are fun and easy to follow. "Primal" is full of catchy lyrics and strong riffs. It's too bad the CD came out after summer because this a 'cruisin'' CD at it's best. The album opens strong with the title track Damn Cheetah. Starts of similar to Dokken's "Into The Fire", but after the initial opening the comparisons stop and the song forms into it's own sound. Songs like "Some Kinda Woman", "King Of The Hill" & "Gimme Gimme" are standouts simply because of the musical style in rhythm and raspy vocals.

Where other CDs lack in ballads, "Primal" has 3! Ballad lovers will rejoice with these ballads! Acoustic guitar and powerful chorus' bring "Forever" right out of the CD. "Without Your Love", has a "Save Your Love" (Great White) style to it. Starts off with the acoustic guitar, soft vocals and a stead underlying beat to it, as it builds to a full on soaring ballad climax. "Tonight", is a classic in the wings. This is the definitive ballad for the album. One of the best ballads I ever heard! The song itself has the 'classic' elements of a great ballad, but the way "Tonight" is put together and played and sung make this an incredible song. It builds to a great middle that makes you forget you are listening to a ballad, and then after the solo, brings you right back into the groove of things. Ballad or rocker, this is easily one of the BEST tracks on this CD and one of the BEST released anywhere in a long time! THANKS GUYS!



DAMN CHEETAH: "P R I M A L" 8 out of 10!

Review by

XYZ, Poison, Skid Row...if you've got albums from these bands in your record collection, you might make room for Damn Cheetah in there as well. Just like fellow label mates TNA, No More Johnny and Pyn Siren, Damn Cheetah have their roots in the hard rock of the eighties. In fact they might be the most authentic sounding "hair metal" band out of them all, and unlike many of the bands of the era, they have more than just the right clothes and hairdos - they have good songs.

The album gets a great start with three good, fun rockers ("Damn Cheetah","Maybe Tomorrow" and "If U Like What U See") and a classy ballad "Forever And A Day". Then it's two rockers again, "Love Thunder" which sounds a bit like Extreme, and the "groovy", Aerosmith-like "My Kinda Woman". "Without Your Love" is the second of the ballads, and again a very good one. The next three tracks are all uptempo rockers, but not really among the strongest tracks. However, the band has saved something special until the very end, as "Tonight" is a brilliant balladic track with some cool surprises.

A "damn" good debut album, and most definitely another band to keep an eye - or ear - on. And damn (oops...), vocalist Les Brown sounds exactly like Terry Ilous of XYZ on some songs. Are these guys related or something?


DAMN CHEETAH: "P R I M A L" 90 out of 100!


Whitesnake and Y&T fans will enjoy the rocking debut release from New York's Damn Cheetah. Their music, whilst reminding me of the aforementioned bands also reminds me of a little known act called Defcon who released a cracking set of melodic hard rock demos around the same time these guys started, only Defcon had Rudy Sarzo produce their demos, that's not a knock at Damn Cheetah but isn't it ironic how albums like this get released, yet Defcon still remain and undiscovered classic locked away in Sarzo's vault somewhere gathering dust.

You know I really like Damn Cheetah. The production is good and all the songs rock the way they should, what more could you ask for? A third Damn Yankees maybe (smile)? As the story goes, had Damn Cheetah put out this album back then, chances are today we may well have cited them along the like of bands like XYZ, Tesla etc... Anyway onto to what matters - the music. The band are fronted by former NRG singer Les Brown who had a song featured in the movie Transformers.

The album kicks off with '
Damn Cheetah' and its rock 'n' roll all the way, I couldn't believe the range on Les Brown's voice, hell it may as well be Coverdale singing all the way, this song sound like the sister to Whitesnake's 'Kitten's Got Claws"' from "Slip Of The Tongue" and borrows it's chorus, it's fun and it rocks. 'Maybe Tomorrow' is more sensational eighties hard rock with a killer chorus, this song is like XYZ and Tesla crossed with Quiet Riot and Whitesnake. It's also very melodic and the chorus is just wicked.

If You Like What You See' is all drums, guitars, it's a romping rocker which reminds me of Cinderella. Next up is the very melodic ballad 'Forever And A Day', then it's back to the chunky slabs of hard rock with the killer 'Love Thunder', check out the killer vocal screams on this sucka, very Whitesnake circa "SOTT". This is followed by 'Some Kinda Woman' which is more raunchy hard rock. 'Without Your Love' is as you have guessed, a ballad, but it's a good one, close your eyes and you can feel the lighters burning, a massive ballad with a glorious dreamy chorus.

Gimme Gimme' is another of the albums highlights, it's a hot fun rocker and is most addictive. 'King Of The Hill' fools around with acoustic guitars, once again Les Brown sounds massive and the song as a whole reminds me of Tesla, and I'm a massive Tesla fan, so this gets the thumbs up. 'Hungry For Love' is a commercial rocker, the hooks remind me of some Mr.Big material, especially their song 'Temperamental' from "Bump Ahead", go and listen and notice the same kind of riffs. Again the Coverdale wrenched vocals of Brown are very good and this song is one of my favourites on the album as it is just so damn (cough) catchy.

The Europe sounding '
Tonight' is a big melodic power ballad graced with delicate keyboards that sound like Heart's 'Alone', this is the best ballad on the album and it huge and the perfect way to end the album with Les Brown crooning away like Joey Tempest, the chorus really rocks and is catchy as hell, classic stuff with top notch guitar licks from Carl Fragnito.

Damn Cheetah is a massive album, let's hope they get to make a bigger and better second album. Make sure you buy this one, great stuff.


Nicky Baldrian


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Price: $12.99 or $19.99 Autographed