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How will people find you?



Take control of your MP3's and increase your traffic and sales today!

                                  ONLY $19

This is a temporary offer for Mp3Wrapster.
The price will go up to US$29.00 soon.


Download Free Trial Version! (1.3M)

MP3Wrapster gives you full control of your MP3 files

it creates a shell around your MP3 and allows you to:

Create a self playing MP3 - No player on configuration needed!

Add a clickable link back to a site of your choice!

Add a marketing message of your choice!

Add your own custom skins!

Increase traffic and sales!

This tool is Viral Marketing at its best!

MP3Wrapster is a windows program that allows you to create self-playing songs (an MP3 to EXE converter) with an embedded clickable link back to you. The self-playing version of your MP3 song or message (.exe format) only adds 10-15KB to the original version! Why self-playing? The exe version does not require people to have an MP3 player installed in order to play the file, so you can easily share your creation with a friend without having to worry that they have the right software installed to listen.  They simply double click the file, it plays your mp3, and it points them back to your web page!

Use MP3Wrapster as an MP3 promotion tool!

All the mp3 files you create with MP3Wrapster have the option to add your url and marketing message. As a result, when your mp3's are downloaded and shared on Napster, Kazza or by other means, it will always have a clickable link back to your website!

So people who like your music have an easy way to locate you and purchase your music.

This innovative software lets you distribute your product without contending with two major complications of the past. No longer will different MP3 player software configurations or the inability to link to your site or product to your mp3 files affect your marketing efforts.

Think about it...with standard MP3's if your music has been copied and downloaded by thousands of people how will they be able to contact you?

Lost traffic...Lost sales...

With MP3Wrapster the problems are solved!

Download my MP3.exe and see it in action! (1.4MB)

Choice of Classic or Skinable Interface!

MP3Wrapster is a powerful Viral Marketing Tool!

It utilizes Content Wrapping Technology.

This product stands alone in its function and scalability.

We have developed a program that will turn your MP3 files into applications. The .exe application that the software creates is basically an MP3 file plus an MP3 player included with it. You can provide your marketing message,lyrics or contact info all within the MP3.exe!  

They double click- it plays your mp3 - it points traffic back to you!

MP3Wrapster is very easy to use, just select one or more mp3 files

 "Click", "Convert", and its "Done" !

Why do you need to use MP3Wrapster as a marketing/promotion tool?     

There are roughly 50 million people downloading MP3 files.

MP3 has already surpassed "sex" as the most popular term used in searches on the Internet.

A recent report by MTV estimates that there are 17 million MP3 file downloads per day -- a total of 6,205,000,000 yearly downloads. MP3 music files are the most sought after items on the Internet.

With the MP3Wrapster you can capture the marketing and promotion power of digital music.

Download Free Trial Version if you haven't yet! (1.3M)

( You can not add your link or marketing messages with the Trial Version. You must purchase an unlock key from us which will be sent to you via email upgrading you to MP3Wrapster Pro )

MP3Wrapster is a webmasters dream tool for marketing mp3 files! 

With MP3Wrapster Pro you can make unlimited .exe files and you can add your own website links and marketing messages.

Just imagine how much you can save on your advertising budget. Put your hard earned money to better use today!

Isn't your music worth it?

What are you waiting for?

Upgrade to MP3Wrapster Pro now its only $19!

Works with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Payment Options: 

We except Paypal and Mailorders


Paypal accepts credit cards anywhere in the world!

(Ebay just aquired Paypal!)

 Secure on-line credit card transaction (*Recommended*)
We strongly recommend that you order online - it's quicker, easier and cheaper for you.
Please click the "Paypal" link above 


If you prefer to mail your order click here to print out the order form.

Why should you register?

Registration Benefits:

There are a number of benefits to registering, these include: 

  •  Create as many wrapped MP3 songs as you want.

  •  Distribute your wrapped MP3 songs, share them with your friends freely.

  •  Design more beautiful skins with MP3Wrapster and share them with others easily if you like.

  •  Download more skins from our website freely.

  •  If you are a webmaster, you can wrap your MP3s with your logo and links and upload to your site, so if someone download and listen it, s/he must see your logo and can reach your site by clicking the link.

  •  A registration code which will remove all the shareware limits. 

  •  All future upgrades are free. 

  •  Free email support, we'll reply to  your questions or suggestions ASAP. 




      If you prefer to mail your order click here to print out the order form.


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