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                           Les Brown -Vocals                                     

                                              Ernie Burns -Guitar

                                                                 Lee Mangano -Drums

                                                                                              Pat Lynch -Bass  

NRG is fronted by rock veteran Les Brown on lead vocals a native of Boston Massachusetts.
His belting vocals and piercing screams reach out and grab you by the ears and don't let go!
The band is a musically driven engine with all pistons firing by long time rock veterans Lee Mangano on drums and Pat Lynch on bass a rhythm section that is second to none rounded out with Ernie Burns on guitar. NRG has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some great artists such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Extreme, Joan Jett, UFO, Nazareth, Blue Oyster Cult, Kix, Judas Priest just to name a few.  NRG, a Rhode Island based metal wrecking machine that started out from very humble beginnings rehearsing in a chicken coup that was internally covered wall to wall with rugs to deaden the sound so they could hone their musical craft then, achieved worldwide success with the release of "Instruments of Destruction" featured on the Transformers: The Movie and the CBS/Scotti Brothers soundtrack. Recently encompassing sales with the Rhino re-release of the DVD and soundtrack has sold close to a million units of its various Transformer reissues, with the Transformers: The Movie DVD actually making it into the Billboard Top 15!
The DVD and soundtrack showcase the heavy laden signature sound that turned NRG's Instruments of Destruction" into an internationally recognized song that all TF:TM fans worldwide know and love because it still stands the test of time. According to vocalist Les Brown ...the Instruments of Destruction era for the band was one our most fulfilling times in our musical careers we are very proud to have had a part in the animated classic Transformers:The Movie... no if's and's or but's! The song was produced by Phil Green and he sprinkled his magic on their recording sessions at Normandy Sound Studios in Warren RI.
(Phil by the way has worked with a lot of unknown people such as New Kids on The Block, Steve Smith, Billy Cobham etc.)
NRG has been churning out memorable songs since the mid 80's and is set to unleash a new and even heavier sound soon.
NRG will be releasing a new album in the future and have joined forces with ???? (We can't say right now...check back often... who will be slinging the six string razors going forward. Check out singer Les Brown’s latest release Damn Cheetah it's melodic hard rock at it's best.

Stay tuned for all NRG/Damn Cheetah info at:



N . R . G .     A   R   C   H   I   V   E   S

Transformers:The Movie Soundtrack released!


                                                            NRG featured on "TransFormers -The Movie" Soundtrack.

Lee Mangano (drums) & Les "having a bad hair day" Brown (vocals) with unknown!

While roaming the streets of NYC we ran into this guy...he said he was an actor...

Ya Damn Bum!  Get A Real Job!..   ;  )  Later we attended  the Transformers Party

at Studio54 in NYC hanging out with Robert Stack and other folks from the movie

                                                        Hmmm...and I think we may have had a cold beverage or two!


Rhino Home Video Release reaches 500,000+ Units!


Award to commemorate sales in excess of 500,000 units of the

  Rhino Home Video Release of  Transformers :The Movie.



Hanging out with the Axmen from Judus Priest!


                    NRG with Judas Priest. 
                    Lee Mangano (drums), Les Brown (vocals), and Pat Lynch (bass)
                  from NRG hang out with Priest guitarists
                     K.K.Downing & Glenn Tipton.



Hanging out with Robert Stack from TF:TM!


     This picture of Robert Stack was shot
outside of Studio54 in NYC at the TF:TM Party!             


...more to come